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July, 04, 2015
Green Valley Road, Oakland, OR - Other , Oregon
Fri, July 24, 2015
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The Green Valley Music Festival will be held July 24-26th, 2015. There will be musical and artistic performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It is located in Southern Oregon a few miles off I-5 at the Oakland exit. Oakland is about 45 minutes south of Eugene. The address is: 2005 Green Valley Rd, Oakland Oregon 97462. Here is a map to help you locate it!


There is short term and long term parking on-site. All parking is free. Follow directions given by the parking personnel about where to put your vehicle. Do not leave your vehicle running, there is always high fire danger in late July.


Dogs are not allowed in either the parking lot or in the venue itself because of the risks and impacts involved with having your dog at the show. Unfortunately, some people will choose to ignore these rules, and will bring their pet and leave it in their parked car. Animal Control will break your car window to liberate animals. All dogs left tied up outside of the concert site will be immediately impounded by the local SPCA- THE OWNERS WILL BE CITED IN ALL CASES. Please be responsible and arrange safe care for your lovely puppy or call one of these local kennels:

  Sutherlin Kennel (541) 459-1302
  Cabin Creek Kennel (541) 459-9798


The gates to the festival open on Friday, July 24 at 10 a.m. Music begins Friday evening. These times will be strictly enforced. You can come and enjoy the music for the day with a 1-day pass, or enjoy the entire weekend and get a weekend pass at a discounted rate. All festival goers will need to have bracelets on to be admitted into the festival. Anyone without a bracelet will not be admitted.

If you are a volunteer, you are welcome to the property earlier in the week. Arrangements will be set up individually, depending on the task you have been delegated. Make sure to email the Deans so that you can arrive and receive your volunteer wrist band. If you do not set up arrangements ahead of time, you will have to wait until regular access opens.


To ensure the safety of all festival goers, vehicles may be subject to searches. If you refuse, you will be sent away-no exceptions. We will have security at the front gate and a private security team managing the festival.


No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed at the festival. There will be a variety of local Oregon beers and wine available for purchase in the venue. Proper ID must be presented in order to purchase drinks.


These items are not allowed on the property. You will be removed from the festival if these are found in your possession.


The main medical tent will be located in the festival arena. It will be clearly marked, please notice it as you come into the festival. Report any medical emergencies immediately to event staff. Please look out for your neighbors and friends, it is important to us that everyone feels safe and is well all weekend.


  Drink lots of water!
  Wear sunscreen
  Bring a head lamp or flash light, pack extra batteries
  Drink responsibly!


Campfires & candles are NOT ALLOWED. In late July, the fire danger is VERY HIGH. We will be watering the roads to keep dust down and to reduce fire risk. Safe camping stoves are okay. There will also be lots of amazing food available on-site for purchase.


There are designated campgrounds on-site for anyone that is staying for the weekend. Tents and hammocks are encouraged. You can be directed to “party camp” or “family camp,” which is slightly quieter and farther from the venue for families with kids. There is limited space available for RV’s, busses or campers and there are no electric or sewer hook-ups. Camp sites are rustic and are not numbered. They are on a first-come, first-serve basis.There is an additional fee to camp at the property.


There is a large pond located near the campgrounds. No swimming is allowed at any time. Farm animals must be respected. Feel free to look at them, but give them space and be gentle/kind towards them. Any harmful behaviors will get you removed from the festival.


Everyone will be required to leave the property by Monday, July 27 at noon. Pack up everything you bring, KEEP THE FARM GREEN!

Thank you so much for joining our festival! We look forward to seeing you next year!”

“Ticket sales are online.

Please click the link below to get your all day or all weekend (including camping) pass:  Ticket sales are online.

Please click the link below to get your all day or all weekend (including camping) pass:Ticket sales are online.

Please click the link below to get your all day or all weekend (including camping) pass: “
Sponsors include Old 99 Brewing Co & so many more local vendors.

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