EHTBP, W12, PHC9, BMH Oregon, OB Barterhouse and Rhetoric 22, Rockhill Farms

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March, 02, 2017
Houston - Houston , Texas
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For sale are some mid tier bourbons for sale.  Looking to downsize.
Price includes shipping and handling, I am not interested in trade as I have too many already.

Weller 12 (750ml): $125 (Sold)
Weller 12 (1.75L) x5: $225 (All Sold)
EH Taylor Barrel Proof (127.5): $140 (Sold)
Parkers Heritage #9: $165 (Sold)
Black Maple Hill Oregon Bourbon: $150 (Sold)
Rock Hill Farms: $95 (Sold)
Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 22: $165
Orphan Barrel Barterhouse: $130 (Sold)
Elijah Craig BP (138.8): $110
Jeffersons Wood Experiment Collection: $115

Please Note:  PapPal FF preferred or 3% if you choose regular payment.

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