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Newest listings in Refreshments for the Connoisseur - California

Benriach 40 Year Old 1966 Vintage Set with Mini
Amazing Set with Wood Box, Flask and 50ml Mini!

USD $2600.00 - USD Los Angeles

Evan Williams 1993 Single Barrel Pre Fire Bourbon

Shipping $18

USD $325.00 - USD Los Angeles

John Johnnie Walker Oldest First Release Blue Label Scotch RARE!
15-60 Year Old Whiskey!
First Ever Blue Label…

USD $550.00 - USD Los Angeles

Rhetoric 21 - $170 shipped (conus) - 2 left

Email for other delivery inquiries. Multiple bottles carry lower per bottle…

USD $170.00 - USD Los Angeles

From my personal collection -  Very rare second release of Pappy Van Winkle 23Yr (Frankfort). It was bottled in 2003…

USD $4250.00 - USD San Francisco