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Privacy Policy for LiquorList.com

How LiquorList handles your information here at the site:

1.  We do not share your information with anyone unless it is to abide by the law as outlined in the TOU.  Your information will NEVER be sold or traded to any third party for any reason.  We value our privacy and trust you value yours as well.

2.  We will, on occasion, send registered users our newsletter, “LiquorList Uncorked!”.  If you wish to opt out, send us a note and you won’t see another copy in your in-box.

3.  Our admin logs keep a record of all web entries on our pages, including IP addresses and date/time stamps.  This information is collected only for our use in diagnosing problems and maintaining the site

4.  Forum posts and listings are stored for a period of no less than one year.  While we make reasonable efforts to safeguard this information in secure storage, we cannot guarantee complete 100% security.

5.  As stated in the Terms of Use , LiquorList will only disclose user information if required by law or legal process to do so or if a reasonable need requires such disclosure to ensure the enforcement of our Terms of Use.