Should I have an account to use Liquorlist?
An account is not necessary, but it comes with benefits.
Why should I create an account?
If you are considering being a regular user of, Liquorlist you can create an account that will save you time in not having to re-enter similar information.

What are these features you ask?

• Ability to bypass confirmation emails
• Ability to have your email address pre-filled when creating listings or sending messages
• Ability to view/edit listings you have made in the past in a single consolidated interface


I have made a post and have not received the confirmation email.
Usually, emails are delivered without issue and within a few minutes. Please perform the following actions:

1. Be sure you are filling in the correct email address when creating your listing.
2. Be sure you are checking the same email account that you used to create the listing.
3 .Check your SPAM, JUNK or BULK MAIL folder.
4. Use a free email service such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.
How do I create a listing?
Scroll to the very top of the page. To the right of the logo is a button that says "Create a Listing".
Alternatively, follow this link to create a listing.

Enter your listing information. A confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address. Activate your listing by clicking the link in this confirmation email. Your listing will appear within a few minutes.
I have contacted a seller and not received a response.
If you have not received a response, the item has likely been sold. You can look for the item from another seller. Additionally, you can flag the listing as unresponsive and it will eventually be removed from the site.
I have created/update a listing and do not see it, what should I do?
Be patient. For performance reasons, the listings pages are only updated every few minutes. If it has been more than an hour and you do not see your listing, please contact us as your listing may have been trapped in our spam filters.
How do I completely remove a listing?
There is no way to completely remove a listing, but you can deactivate your listing. Deactivating your listings will prevent buyers from being able to contact your and will remove your listings from displaying in searches.
Can you tell me if an item is still for sale?
Please contact the seller directly. Liquorlist does not get involved in transactions.
Can you help me contact a seller?
Please use the built- in tool for contacting a seller.


Can Liquorlist help me conduct a transaction?
Liquorlist is purely a service provider that allows sellers to list items. As such, Liquorlist cannot and will not be a party in transactions. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller to conduct safe and legal transactions.
Can Liquorlist contact a seller for me or provide me with information about a user?
Due to our privacy policy, Liquorlist can only provide information to law enforcement during due process of law.
How can I ensure transactions are conducted safely and legally?
It is important to conduct all your transactions to comply with the laws where you are conducting from.
What is the safest way to conduct out-of-area transfers?
Liquorlist was designed for local interactions, please use the site accordingly.


What should I do if I suspect a listing is a scam?
Please flag the listing as "scam", this will remove the listing from the site. Please contact us with a link to the listing so we can remove the listing.
How do I avoid scams?
Follow these common sense rules to help avoid getting scammed:

• Deal locally and transact in person, whenever possible. This will help you avoid almost all scams.
• Be extremely cautious about accepting Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders as they can be easily faked. Check with your bank if you have any questions about them.
• Never give out financial information.
• If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.
• Liquorlist is not involved in any transaction, we do not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification".
What should I do if I've been scammed?
Please do the following:

• Contact us to let us know the listing number, the Buyer or Seller name, your reason for thinking you are being scammed. We will do our best to remove any scam listings as they are brought to our attention. Contact your local law enforcement agency to take any action you deem necessary.
Can Liquorlist help if I've been scammed?
We take every precaution to prevent scammers from using the site. Unfortunately, beyond our efforts to prevent scammers there is little we can do.

You are the best resource to prevent and stop scammers. Please take the steps listed previously if you are the victim of a scam. Also, please refer to our tips and heed the warnings on the site on how to prevent getting scammed.
Can Liquorlist provide me with more information about a scammer?
Due to our privacy policy, Liquorlist can only provide information to law enforcement during due process of law.


Why was my listing flagged?
Flagging is a result of peer review. Numerous users of the site must flag a listing before it is deactivated. Please refer to the following FAQ answers for explanation of what rules apply to each flagging rule.
My listing was incorrectly flagged, can Liquorlist reinstate it?
Due to our policies, Liquorlist cannot reinstate your listing. Please relist your item, it is a free site.
I am no longer able to create listings, why is this?
Your privileges may have been removed as a result of your listings being repeatedly flagged.
My listing is not appearing, why is this?
We have a number of filters that prevent listings from appearing on the site. Attempting to SPAM the site or using profanity are the most likely causes of a listing not appearing.

Vendor Account

How do I apply for a vendor account?
Please contact us about your interest and we will get back to you to collect payment and set it up.