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What do you reccommend?


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I want to do some all grain mashes to make bourbon or Canadian corn whiskey. I saw NcHooch’s recipe and it looks interesting. I have done some all grain brewing and have a basic understanding of mashing/sparging/lautering. My current mash tun is 47 qt. insulated cooler with a copper manifold.

My questions are:
1. What is a reasonable amount of mash to start off with? I want to recover a few bottles on a run.
2. I’ve read alot about grains but is any high quality feed corn suitable for bourbon?
3. What kind of additional equipment would I need to do a 30 gal batch?
4. Should I make a keggle to facilitate bigger batches?
5. I’ve seen all different kinds of yeast used. What do you reccommend?

Please help.

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Thank you.