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As part of the annual military cooperatio


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As part of the annual military cooperation program, the drill codenamed “Joint Sea 2017” aims to jointly carry out rescue missions and protect the safety of maritime economic activities.

The regular joint exercises have become an annual program, as Putin emphasized that the two countries have strategic cooperation in the fields of economy, politics and military.


As for the investigations into the so-called Russian influence in the U.S. presidential election Cheap Hydro Flask Ombre , Putin said the effort was to create anti-Russian hysteria. He claimed that the investigations were not real investigations, as they lack a full study of the situation.

He noted that the election of a U.S. president has nothing to do with Russia, and it is not Russia’s business to evaluate what the U.S. president does.

The Russian president criticized the U.S. practice as an effort to “make U.S. legislation valid in other countries”, and said Russian-U.S. relations were being sacrificed to U.S. domestic issues.

But Putin stopped short of defining what possible counter measures Russia would adopt if the United