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, training is very important. 


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Watercolour painting techniques sound like a dull and boring subject but they really do not need to be so. A little imagination and you can have great deal of fun and pleasure as you learn to paint with watercolours. This article will show you some great methods which are certainly not boring! However Camiseta Personalizada Barcelona , they can produce great results for you and create finished works that you will want to show off to your family and friends. Want to have some great fun painting? Then read this article.

1. Add some salt to create a speckled, star-burst pattern when it dries. Try to sketch a drawing with a light pencil line and then paint only onto the areas you want to salt. Make sure that you use lots of wet, bright paint. Sprinkle some salt on top while the paint is still wet. Just use regular salt from the kitchen. That will do the trick, nicely. Once you are done, set the paper to one side to dry and when you come back brush the dried salt away. You will instantly see the amazing effect that it left in the paint underneath. Now, carry on and paint the rest of the drawing if you want. Want to learn some more watercolour painting techniques? Then keep reading.
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